Saturday, August 9, 2008

Exquisite corpse

RISD Corpse 2Image by aperryz302 via FlickrLately, I've needed quite a kick in the rear to get to writing.  You'll notice that I didn't post my goals -- or much of anything -- for July.  And considering it's the 9th already and I've got a bunch of booked weekends in a row, I'm not sure I should post goals for August, either.  But I do need to get my momentum back.

Who wants to write an exquisite corpse?  If you play, I'd send you a line of poetry with no context, and you would write the next line.  Around and around through several people until we have something that's bizarre, surreal, and/or eerily profound.

Any takers?  Sign up in comments.

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  1. Long delay, I know. Sorry, Chris. I think we would ened a few more players for it to work. :(