Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank you notes

The Gift (oil on canvas)Image via WikipediaIt looks like I've touched off a bit of debate over at The Simple Dollar. Trent gives a really great how-to breakdown, but I disagree with him on one point: he was taught you always cite the amount of a monetary gift, I was taught you never do -- don't even say that it was money, just that it was a "generous gift."
What are your thoughts?
Do you hate writing thank you notes? I've worked out a really easy template:
Dear [name],
Thank you ["so"/"very"] much for the [gift/"generous gift"]. [Specify why you like it and/or how you will use it and/or something, anything positive you can think of. Even if the sweater looks like something the dog vomited, say how warm it is!]
More importantly, thank you for ["remembering"/"attending"/"recognizing" event]. Your continued ["love"/"support"/"mentorship"/etc., pick 2] has meant so much to me over the ["years"/"past few months"/etc.]
Again, thank you.
[Your name]
Obviously, it changes a bit when the thank you is in reference to a job interview, but this should at least get you started.
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  1. Hey Laura,

    I think you are both correct. If you are comfortable using the dollar amount, go ahead. If not, don't.

    I use an internet based company to help me send cards. Go to to find out more. You can send 1000's of actual cards (mailed from Utah) using your own handwriting as a font. It is easy, quick and much less expensive than using store bought cards. When I help a family with one of my products I send a gift card (typically Starbucks) or brownies using the service.

    Check it out and tell me what you think.

    Best regards,